My husband and I were out of town recently and it was a good reminder that when you’re somewhere new, you need to find the best local shops to cover the basics: groceries, a pharmacy, or (much more exciting) shopping! With this in mind, I thought I’d show you around town, and when I say “town,” I mean within a 2-mile radius of The Carriage House at Strasburg. While Lancaster County has endless options when it comes to places to shop for basics and beyond, sometimes you just need some Advil, a quick bite to eat, or a last minute gift for a friend. So grab your wallet and let’s check out the best spots for personal items, groceries, food, and gifts in Strasburg, PA!

The Basics

We’ve all been there: you’re ready for a lovely weekend away when a migraine strikes. Have no fear, Wiley’s Pharmacy is here! You’ll find the staff to be helpful and pleasant, and you might even get distracted by the plethora of fun gifts and local paraphernalia available for sale in this hometown pharmacy. If you’re looking to stock up on groceries or snacks for your stay, Strasburg Market Place has all of the homemade goodies you’d expect from a family grocer. Peruse deli items and baked goods prepared in house, fresh produce, bulk items, handcrafted chocolates, and even local flowers! On your way out, don’t forget to grab a fresh donut or drink at Latte Luv, the in-house coffee bar. Finally, if you’re a health nut (my hand is raised!), you’ve got to pop in to Amish-owned and-operated Woodland Naturals. This store is small but boasts a nice selection of organic foods and produce, raw milk and cheeses, personal care items, and vitamins and supplements. I’ve found many of the clerks (and shoppers!) to be a great source of knowledge whilst checking out a new food or product. An added bonus? The prices are quite affordable compared to other similar purveyors.

A Bite to Eat?

Of course we all know what it’s like to arrive at a destination tired, hungry, and in need of something quick to eat. And while Strasburg may be a small town, it’s not lacking in good food! Located just across the street, Speckled Hen Coffee & Kitchen features craft coffee from local Passenger Coffee Roasters and specializes in artisan foods that are fresh, simple and homemade. Bonus: Our guests receive a voucher to this hot spot for breakfast! RIght down the street, AgapÄ“ Cafe & Grille is well-known for its friendly service, hearty portion sizes, and delicious comfort foods with a modern twist (think salted-caramel waffles, grilled cheese and crab cake sandwiches, and smoked brisket salads). Or check out Fireside Tavern for cozy, tavern style dining with all of the traditional pub favorites.

In the mood for something sweet? Both the Strasburg Creamery (within walking distance) and Down on the Farm Creamery (located on a beautiful Amish farm) feature decadent homemade ice cream and waffle cones. Or stop by the Strasburg Bakery for an array of homemade baked goods. Wine connoisseurs and novices alike will want to spend some time perusing the lovely selection of wines at Allegro Winery located in the Strasburg Square. And if you love a good craft beer, check out Bespoke Brewing just across from the Strasburg Railroad and opening this summer!

A Little Something Extra

Don’t let Strasburg’s small size fool you: we’ve got plenty of specialty shops in town where you’re sure to find some treasures. If you’re a lover of natural beauty, you simply must stop by Pollinate, where florist Christine Graham creates beautiful and unique handcrafted arrangements. If jewelry’s your thing, check out the pieces at Wire to Fire Artisans where you’ll find a curated collection of items made with love by Kimberly Jade and other artists from across the United States. And if you’re a lover of pieces which display the patina of time, spend some time at one of the antique shops within walking distance of The Carriage House. Our top pick? Strasburg Antique Market.

Bargain hunters will want to stop by Fashion Cents Consignment, which boasts a huge selection of quality clothing (for children and adults alike), toys, housewares and more! You won’t leave empty handed and you’re sure to be pleased with the bargains you’ll find. We outfit our gang of littles in cute clothes, by and large, thanks to Fashion Cents! Finally, you’ll find the perfect gift for a friend (or yourself) at Beautiful Home Interiors, located adjacent to Agape Cafe. You’ll be inspired by their curated selection of jewelry, specialty gift items, home decor, live plants, inspirational art, books and more!

A Walk Around Town

While you may choose to drive to many of the aforementioned spots, don’t leave Strasburg without a walk around town. One of my favorite things to do for exercise and inspiration is to take a walk around Strasburg. Stroll down Main Street and enjoy the historical homes, many of which boast pretty gardens, quaint porches, and beautiful architectural elements. Take a side road and catch a glimpse of the glorious Lancaster County farm land. Find your own treasures at one of the shops in the square. Getting out on foot also provides a chance to chat with the locals, which means you’ll probably uncover a few more tips about the best places to visit in the area. And of course if you need any additional help we’re always available to point you in the right direction!

Comment below with your favorite spots to shop and eat in Strasburg, PA! What do you love about this small town? And if you’ve never been, why not give us a call and book your stay today!