Foodie Favorites, Part 2

As a follow-up to my last post, which highlighted places to eat in Strasburg, local cafes, and where to get your fill of Pennsylvania Dutch cooking, here are our top picks for ethnic cuisine and fine dining restaurants in the area. We’ll conclude this series in a few weeks with the pubs and breweries we recommend, plus our go-to spots to satisfy your sweet tooth. While we enjoy a meal out, we certainly haven’t explored all of the options available in Lancaster County, so please comment below with YOUR favorites! Of note, each of the restaurants listed in this post are located in nearby Lancaster City.

Ethnic Cuisine


Sprout offers authentic Vietnamese cuisine for a casual lunch or dinner. Fresh and tasty!


A chic and intimate little French BYOB restaurant located in the heart of Downtown Lancaster City. Their dishes are classically prepared yet modern with global influences from Asia and Africa.

The Himalayan Curry and Grill

Offers deliciously authentic Nepalase and Indian Cuisine. Call ahead…the restaurant is SMALL, but well worth making a reservation!

Luca Italian Kitchen

Luca showcases a wood-burning hearth and handmade Neapolitan oven where pizzas, simple roast meats and seafoods are prepared, along with handmade pastas, antipasto and Italian beverages. Call ahead for a reservation here as it’s become a local hotspot!

Fine Dining

Checkers Bistro

With a blend of French, Asian, and American cuisines, the seasonal menu at Checkers showcases dishes that are both deliciously surprising and elegant. The restaurant is well-known for it’s support of local food purveyors and farmers.

John J. Jeffries

The menu at John J. Jeffries changes throughout the season in harmony with the harvest. You’ll always find some variation of grassfed beef, responsibly sourced seafood and organic veggies. An enjoyable experience for both the steak lover and vegetarian alike!


An intimate, farm-driven restaurant where everything is homemade with intention. Think local pork, perfectly prepared vegetables and comforting cassoulets and gnocchi. The menu changes weekly to include the finest, freshest foods our county has to offer.

Let us know your favorite ethnic and fine dining restaurants below!

Foodie Favorites

With five little ones at home, Jeremy and I relish the opportunity to get out for a date night. There’s nothing like catching up over a leisurely meal of well-crafted, local food! We’re self-proclaimed foodies, and we rarely eat at the same place twice. Lancaster County boasts an abundance of delicious options for all tastes, stemming from its rich farming background and cultural diversity. Listed below are a few of our favorite spots to eat in Strasburg, the top restaurants to visit for traditional Pennsylvania Dutch foods, and a few local cafes and brunch options we recommend. There’s a lot of good food in our area, so this is by no means a comprehensive list! Stay tuned for our next dining post where we’ll highlight our top choices for ethnic cuisine and fine dining in the area.

Dining in Strasburg

Speckled Hen Coffee Shop & Kitchen
Speckled Hen features craft coffee, espresso, tea and a delicious array of breakfast, lunch and dinner options. They specialize in artisan foods that are fresh and simple. Try: the desserts (the lemon cheesecake is a rich treat!), the fair-trade coffee, and handcrafted lattes with house-made syrups

Strasburg Creamery
With over 140 rotating flavors made in house (and homemade waffle cones!!!), you won’t want to miss this local gem. Check out the adjoined gift and candy shoppe for unique souvenirs. Try: The rotating seasonal icecream flavors

Fireside Tavern
Enjoy cozy, tavern style dining with all the traditional pub favorites. Try: the burgers or crabcakes

  • Also located in Strasburg (most within walking distance of The Carriage House) – Strasburg Winery, Pizza City, Smokestack BBQ, Isaac’s Deli

Traditional Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking

To be honest, homestyle Pennsylvania Dutch cooking is not our thing. However, If you love a hearty family-style dinner topped off with homemade pie, check out nearby Millers Smorgasbord, Dienner’s Country Restaurant, or Good ‘N Plenty Restaurant. Perhaps the most “famous” of these family-style eateries is Shady Maple Smorgasbord. If you’re not from the area and you want to try scrapple, ham loaf, apple butter, or shoo-fly pie (and a host of other traditional Dutch foods), it’s a must-visit! With an all-you-can-eat buffet that’s over 200 feet long, you won’t leave hungry.

Cafes and Brunch Spots

Prince Street Cafe (Lancaster, PA)
Open 7 days a week, 6:30 am to 11 pm, Prince Street Cafe is one of the few cafes in Lancaster County with early morning and late night hours. And you’re in luck—their coffee is wonderful (from Passenger Coffee Roasters, which is located just around the corner) and their handcrafted soups, sandwiches and salads are delicious. Try: a scratch-made latte, nutella sandwich cookie, or cali egg wrap

Square One Cafe (Lancaster, PA)
Square One is an award-winning micro-roaster of specialty coffee based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. You won’t find much to eat here, but if you’re a coffee connoisseur, you’re in for a treat!

Goldie’s Bakery (Lancaster, PA)
Goldie’s serves Square One Coffee alongside their amazing, house-made baked goods and breakfast and lunch items. Buy something to go from their bakery on your way out! Try: The “bird nests” (shredded potato nests served with a variety of savory breakfast toppings).

Tomato Pie Cafe (Lititz, PA)
This urban style eatery in the “best small town in America” offers a fresh menu with both sweet and savory options. The owners take pride in seasonal specials and are committed to “flavor excellence”. A great stop for breakfast, dessert, or a sandwich with flair. Try: the tomato pie—just trust us

Slate Cafe (Lititz, PA)
Started by twin sisters with a passion for coffee and community, Slate is the perfect spot for a simple, healthy breakfast. Try: the seasonal scramble and a pastry

  • Other favorites include Zig’s Bakery & Cafe (Lititz–everything is made from scratch with the finest local ingredients), Cafe One Eight (Lancaster City–try the espresso milkshake!), On Orange (Lancaster City — a breakfast favorite), and the nearby Lampeter Cafe (Lampeter–homemade comfort foods at a great price point).


Let us know your favorite restaurant in Strasburg, a PA Dutch treat you can’t do without, or a local cafe you enjoy below!

Welcome to Our Journey

Welcome to Our Journey

Hello and welcome to The Carriage House journal!

My name is Jenna, and I’ll be posting here occasionally, letting you in on bits of our story, updates, and renovations to our property, and tips for traveling while in Strasburg and Lancaster, PA. My husband Jeremy and I purchased The Carriage House a little over a year ago, along with my parents, Kevin and Sharon Adams. In case you’re wondering, none of us ever dreamed of owning a motel, hotel, inn or anything of the sort. So how did we end up here?

For those who love a good backstory…

In June of 2017, Jeremy was browsing local properties and said, “Jenna, I found our dream property.” And while the subsequent photos didn’t look like a dream to me (picture year-round colored Christmas lights glowing across the property and plenty of deferred maintenance), I nodded my head when he said that he and my step-father, Kevin, were going to check it out the next day. When you marry a visionary, many of these ideas just sort of play themselves out. Honestly, I was hoping for that this time around. It didn’t seem like good timing to me—Jeremy was running several businesses, we were homeschooling our small children, and I enjoyed picking up hours as a nurse at a local birthing center. However, the idea of purchasing The Carriage House just took root more deeply by the day. Ultimately, through a process of prayer and surrender, together with my parents, we felt the Lord leading us to step forward into a BIG adventure. We settled on the property August 17, 2017, and welcomed guests that evening.

Contrary to popular belief, we didn’t “shut down” the motel to begin renovations. We closed 4 rooms at a time and scrambled like mad to have them refreshed in 2 weeks. This meant new flooring, paint, furniture, décor, linens and a top-to-bottom cleaning of each room. All while putting out figurative fires, like fixing the leaking roof, taking care of mold and pest issues, and overhauling the old phone, computer and wifi systems. We constantly apologized to our guests for the eyesores and headaches we inherited with the property. It was EXHAUSTING, but as guests began to applaud the changes and our occupancy rates climbed, we were filled with excitement. Shortly after finishing up the rooms, we began renovating the exterior of the motel and the interior of the historic cabin that we purchased with the property, which sits along East Main Street.

In April of 2018 my brother-in-law, Jon Krause, left a 12-year career in banking to join the team at The Carriage House. He and my sister Heather moved to the property and Jon became our on-site manager. Our team was complete. Up until this point Jeremy and my mom, Sharon kept things afloat (along with a few wonderful part-time staff). But, as Jeremy will tell you, he and mom create chaos. This is a good and necessary part of the growing process, unearthing potential and opening up space for creativity and connection. Jeremy brings the big-picture vision and energy, mom brings the heart and hospitality. They are both excellent at interacting with and caring for guests. However, their thoughts bounce from one thing to the next like ping-pong balls, and order, focus, and strategy aren’t strong points for either of them. When Jon entered the scene with his calm presence, mind for numbers, and vision for quality guest service, we all breathed a sigh of relief. Things clicked and we began to hit our stride. With Jon’s guidance, daily operations were running smoothly at The Carriage House. Now, Jeremy was free to be the visionary, mom could share her heart and hospitality with our guests and staff, I could bring beauty and order to our spaces while taking baby steps towards curating “our brand”, and Kevin could focus on the accounting and finances.

So where are we at today?

We’ve enjoyed a thriving summer and fall season, totally revamped our website (yay!!), and made connections in the Strasburg community. In the next few years, we plan to completely renovate the bathrooms and office, expand our amenities, and continue upgrades to the rooms and façades of our outbuildings. There’s so much we still want to do, and some days all we can see is where we want to be, not where we are. Images of staged perfection on Instagram and Pinterest can be so distracting, and we wonder if we measure up. But then we re-center: we’re doing this to create a place for travelers to call “home” for a few days. A welcoming spot with a bit of beauty to foster reconnection and fresh perspective. We want people to feel cared about, to sense the peace that we pray over our property. To leave refreshed, inspired, and encouraged. And I believe we’re succeeding at that!

Shortly after we purchased the Carriage House, Jeremy read the following scripture and it resounded with us:
Job 31:32 “…but no stranger had to spend the night in the street, for my door was always open to the traveler—“

And while we’ve put up the “no vacancy” sign a lot lately, that is our heartbeat. To open our doors to travelers, provide them with a simple, comfortable place to spend the night, and send them on their way with a blessing and a smile.